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RLN (Rate-Limiting Nullifier) is a zk-gadget/protocol that enables spam prevention mechanism for anonymous environments.

RLN Components, Tools, and Libraries

VersionStableIn DevelopmentNotesURL
RLN Circuits1.0Current Circuitmain branch
2.0v2 Proposalv2 issue
RLNjs1.0Supports RLN v1 circuitsv1 commit
2.0Rewrite, added Registry/Cache, Supports v1 circuitsmain branch
2.1Will support v2 circuitsv2.1 Issue
RLN-CLI0.1Rustmain branch
PMTree0.1Rustmain branch

RLN is part of (PSE) Privacy & Scaling Explorations, a multidisciplinary team supported by the Ethereum Foundation. PSE explores new use cases for zero-knowledge proofs and other cryptographic primitives.